Most Beautiful Islands in Brisbane

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The city of Brisbane is one of the most popular cities in Queensland. Aside from the beautiful cityscapes located therein, the islands surrounding it are also what the tourists look forward to seeing. You can either book a one island trip or you can spend extra money to go on an island-hopping adventure.

The following are the most beautiful islands in Brisbane:

Daydream Island

When we talk about luxury vacations, Daydream Island is the place to go. The rooms and amenities of the resorts here are super high-end and glam. There are entertainment rooms, buffet areas, and a beautiful viewing deck for those who love watching the sunrise and sunset. After exploring the resorts themselves, you can head over to the waters and do some kayaking and paddle boarding.

Fitzroy Island

If you are only available to visit an island on a day trip basis, you can ride a ferry from Cairns and explore Fitzroy Island. This is a very spectacular island to visit because aside from swimming with clownfishes and turtles, you can also head over to the national parks nearby to do some hiking.

After exploring an island or two in Queensland, you need to relax your body from all the physical activities you just did. This being said, you can chill at your hotel room and bet at the top Australian online casinos to entertain yourself.

Lady Elliot Island

If you love nature and are very eco-friendly in general, you will love staying at the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. This is a highly-protected area where people can safely interact with turtles and other marine animals. On top of that, the resort itself uses solar energy to power up its entirety.

Magnetic Island

Do you love koalas? If your answer is yes, then you will love the hiking activity at Magnetic Island where you can see a lot of koalas along the way. Some shipwrecks can be visited by tourists to see what they look like. You can stay at the bungalow accommodations on the island as well.

Pumpkin Island

This is one of the smallest islands you can go to on your island-hopping experience in Brisbane. In total, there are only 7 sustainable cottages on the island so privacy can easily be had. What’s interesting about the water activities that you can do here is kayaking with a glass or transparent bottom.

Great Keppel Island

When you are up for a ferry ride to go to an island, book a trip to Great Keppel Island. The beaches here have white sand and are very aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are used to staying at beach resorts, you will get surprised by their non-existence in this area.

Heron Island

To have a picturesque and luxe island getaway, pack your bags and head over to Heron Island. This is a neighboring island of Wilson Island but relatively bigger. There are diving and snorkeling activities at The Great Barrier Reef that you will enjoy.


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Most Beautiful Islands in Brisbane

The city of Brisbane is one of the most popular cities in Queensland. Aside from the beautiful cityscapes located therein, the islands surrounding i...

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