This Is How Online Gaming Will Look 10 Years From Now

The rapid evolution of the gaming industry is unstoppable. Who would have thought that today, millions of gamers will be able to play diverse digital games? What’s more, connecting with other players in the various parts of the globe is as seamless as possible. The best part is that the current technological advancement offers immersive user experiences with online streaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality. However, the question is, “what is online gaming going to be like 10 years from now?”.

Below are some of the predictions of online gaming experts for 2030.

Streaming games will be conventional

The worldwide network infrastructure gets upgraded constantly. As a result, streaming live games are seen to become mainstream in the next few years. Players will subscribe to or purchase a game online and begin playing it right away via live streaming.

While gamers may still download certain games on consoles and PCs for a more immersive experience, they will have powerful devices to play online games. These include 5G-powered WiFi and wearables.

Cloud and mobile gaming will have a wider sphere of influence

Thanks to cloud gaming, you can play online games anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why it is considered the most profound advancements in gaming technology. 5G internet technology will enable you to play on any device, whether at the comfort of your home or on your way to work.

The mobile devices 10 years from now are predicted to feature nimble graphics processing capability. Therefore, industry experts see game lovers not buying a gaming console or laptop, for that matter.

Online casino gaming will gain more traction

Even today, games in the best online casino Australia are already a hit amongst punters. In the next 10 years, they are anticipated to become more popular. Live streaming enables players to play while interacting with other players and a dealer in real-time. More importantly, online gambling gives them a chance to win a jackpot without visiting a physical casino.

In 2030, visualize virtual reality live poker games enabling players to sit at a table with other gamers using state-of-the-art technology that creates a 3D representation of the gamers involved. It is also possible for deep learning and AI to replace human live-dealers.

Mixed reality: The fusion of the real and the virtual

According to gaming experts, they anticipate the invention of a new wearable in the form of a smart contact lens that will merge the real world with the virtual. This means gamers will no longer require a mouse and a keyboard as input devices for desktops. Plus, graphic processing will shift to the server to make gaming more mobile.

Real-time ray tracing is also seen to change the way gamers play in 2030. Its rapid enhancement will push the boundaries of photorealism. As a result, players will find it difficult to differentiate reality from computer graphics.

These are just some groundbreaking technologies that will change the way gamers play in 2030. They are expected to offer better and more exciting gaming experiences than ever.


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