What Are The Most Popular Sports in Australia?

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It may surprise you that Australians enjoy so many different types of sports. In fact, it might be difficult to name all popular sports in Aussie Land because of the sheer high number. While many outside the country may believe cricket and rugby to be the only two popular sports, they couldn't be more wrong. Australia is also leading the ranks when it comes to online casino games. Check out the wide-variety of games at Australia online casino sites and try your luck.

Not only do Australians have their own national and international competitions and leagues for various sports, they enjoy a ton of other friendly sports both indoors and outdoors. Here are some sports that have a special place in the hearts of Australians:

Australians Rules Football

Australian Rules Football is the most popular football code in Australia. It is one of the most successful sporting franchises, due to the insane love the Aussies have for it. The first match took place in 1858 making it one of the oldest sports in Australia. It is the most watched football league in Australia with an average of more than 40,000 people attending each game.

The league consists of 18 teams from around the country. As well as weekly games there are also preseason and finals series. Players are given various awards at the end of the seasons which include: Brownlow Medal, Coleman Medal and Norm Smith Medal.


Cricket is one of Australia's most popular summer sports. They have a national cricket team, the Australian Cricket Team which participates in test, one day international and T20 games against other national teams. Australia has hosted or co-hosted several major events including the 1992 Cricket World Cup, and the 2015 Cricket World Cup. It is a popular sport in schools, particularly among private schools.

National Rugby League

The NRL is the top professional rugby league football club competition in Australia. It was formed in 1998 after breaking away from the rugby union. There are 16 teams that compete across Australia and one based in New Zealand. The season kicks off between March to September with each team playing 22 games before entering into the semi finals series. At the end of the season, two teams face off in a Grand Final to determine the champion team.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of Australia's most popular sports and has been considered an elite sport since the 1880s due to its high endurance and mental strength requirements. There are over 300,000 climbers practicing in various rock climbing gyms.

The Australian National University Sports Association was responsible for formalizing this sport through its competitions and events. They held their first national championship event in 1962 which included bouldering, roped climbing and rappelling.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other country in the world Australia enjoys its fair share of sports. Whether it be indoor matches with friends or outdoor competitions, Aussies work hard for the sports they are passionate about and receive tons of support from the fans.



What Are The Most Popular Sports in Australia?

It may surprise you that Australians enjoy so many different types of sports. In fact, it might be difficult to name all popular sports in Aussie Land...

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