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Do You Need a Locksmith? Read This

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Not remembering where you put your keys is normal. But what’s not normal is when you get locked out during the most crucial situations.

When you suddenly get locked out of your house, what can you do? When you unintentionally leave your car key inside, it’s worse, right, especially when you are in a remote area where help seems impossible?

Yes, you have key duplicates, but it’s going to be your unlucky day when even those spare keys get locked out!

What you need is an emergency locksmith. Whatever happens to your precious keys, only these skilled people can help you even in life and death scenarios.

Here are a few questions to help you find the best locksmith in Newcastle NSW.

Best Questions to Help You Find the Best Locksmith

Beware, many scammers will pose as emergency locksmiths. Letting them handle a security problem will put your belongings and life at risk.

  1. Do You Offer Emergency Services?

Every minute counts when you get locked out of your car or the house. You might need to drive somewhere essential or do something inside your home. That's why it's necessary to find a reliable locksmith whom you can call in emergency situations.

You can search for "24-hour locksmith Newcastle'' and browse through a reputable list of service providers. Look for services that offer round-the-clock emergency response. You can also check if they have on-call technicians who service your area and will arrive just when you need them.


  1. Do You Have a License?

It is essential to ensure that you only work for services with the proper license, bonded and insured. It will save you from all the hassle of working with an unverified locksmith when you get locked out.

You can request a copy of their business license and see if it's registered. Doing so guarantees that these locksmith services go through a series of training to ensure that they can handle any lock problems.


  1. Do You Conduct Background Checks on Your Staff?

Aside from checking their license and insurance requirements, it's also essential to ask your locksmith about their technicians. Do they screen their staff? Do they perform drug screens, including background checks?

When a technician visits your office or home, ensure that they have proper identification with them. If the name printed on their ID doesn't match the name that the locksmith gave you, then it's best not to let them into your home.

  1. What Feedback Do You Usually Get?

Although it's only standard for businesses to put their best foot forward, you can always check their clients' reviews online. You can also ask some friends if they have had any business with them.

Checking clients' feedback can save you a lot of time and effort from wading through several lists of questionable locksmiths by narrowing down your list. If there are any common complaints or if the information is not sufficient, then it's best to look for another.


  1. What Are the Services That You Offer?

Locksmiths don't only offer their help to people who got locked out of their homes. Although it's the primary feature of their business, locksmiths do provide other services, including car key replacement and high-tech lock systems. They even offer complete rekey for new homeowners, too.

  1. Do You Work With a Warranty?

There are various types of warranties offered by many businesses. Some cover the parts, while others cover the essential service their clients provide. Discussing with the locksmith about warranty concerns will help you decide whether to hire or not.

Experienced locksmiths take pride in their work. They're not afraid to provide their clients with a warranty. Whether you want some help with either a residential or commercial project, it's always best to ask about the warranty of the product or service.

  1. Can You Deliver Excellent Customer Service?

Finding excellent customer service might be more complex than you think. So, if you can find a locksmith that exudes professionalism, is friendly and is approachable, you've found yourself a keeper.

If they can do more than they say, it could be the right locksmith. The one that can respond to your queries at any time is vital, especially if you need emergency assistance during late-night hours. They should be available to pick up the phone and set a schedule for service quickly.

Nevertheless, excellent customer service can only be gauged during the actual business transaction.

  1. Do You Provide Services in Our Area?

Proximity is a huge factor when you are in emergencies. Local locksmith professionals fare better than the ones from a far city when you need assistance during the wee hours of the night. Hire a local locksmith who can help you with your problems at any time of the day.

Also, a locksmith service far away from your location will only cause you to pay more for mobility charges. But you can ask for a referral if you're moving to a different city.



Your safety is of utmost importance, 24 hours a day. Finding that reliable and professional locksmith to remedy your security issues is a priceless reward. It is an additional merit on the locksmith company if they offer reasonable and competitive service rates.

Work only with licensed fast and reliable locksmiths to prevent yourself from getting scammed by criminals.


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Do You Need a Locksmith? Read This

Not remembering where you put your keys is normal. But what’s not normal is when you get locked out during the most crucial situations. When you su...

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