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Things to See & Do on the Gold Coast

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Gold Coast is a paradise for beach bums, surfers, and family vacationers. Everywhere you look, from South Beach to Bur Leigh Heads, you'll find pristine beaches and national parks and museums, online casinos, and outdoor entertainment. You don't have to spend a fortune to visit one of the world's most famous tourist destinations! Many activities are both family and wallet-friendly. Ignore extortionately priced waterparks and other indoor amusements.

We've compiled a list of some of the best free things to do on the Gold Coast so that you don't have to go out and find them yourself. It's as simple as bringing your swimsuits, recharging your camera, and preparing for an unforgettable vacation.

Gaming Hub

The best way to kick off our list is with the most well-known and entertaining games of the previous several years. You may take your buddies to a slew of fun gaming venues on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast's esports and gambling centre is Casino.

Even though online casinos are frequently marketed as a fun activity for the whole family, it's too difficult for younger players. On the other hand, adults will appreciate this game's excellent blend of tactical thinking with a winning outcome.

Theme Park

With thrilling roller coasters and pet-friendly animals, theme parks on the Gold Coast provide something for everyone. Tickets for Dream world, Ocean Views, Film World, Wet'n'Wild, and White-water World are available, as are combo packages for hundreds of entry rates.

Sightseeing Cruise

The Gold Coast's wetlands are now more than ten times longer than Venice's, with 446 kilometres of rivers and canals. You will never forget the thrill of watching the sunset behind the mountains as the Nerang River winds its way through Surfers Paradise and the Broad water.

Whale Watching

Every year, humpback whales migrate by the Gold Coast. It enables you to see them in real time. The nicest part is you don't need to go out into the water to see it. So many high headlands work well too.

Cinemas and Theatres

Spending some time with a family on a weekend or a holiday, a movie is always an option! There are many theatres on the Gold Coast so that you can see the newest hollywood and local films on the big screen.


Relaxing, sightseeing, online casinos, partying, or simply lounging, the best activities to do in Gold Coast, will suit your mood. With golden sands, clean beaches, and a laid-back holiday vibe, the Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination for sun and sea.

With a rich native heritage, bustling markets, adrenaline-pumping attractions, and a booming live music sector, Gold Coast has much to keep you amused. If you want to escape the routine of everyday life and relax, then the Gold Coast is the place for you.


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Gold Coast is a paradise for beach bums, surfers, and family vacationers. Everywhere you look, from South Beach to Bur Leigh Heads, you'll find pr...

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