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South Australia: Things to Do in Adelaide

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Adelaide has very vibrant city life, great cuisine, music, and culture. It was recently labeled a “City of Music” by UNESCO because of the many live music events held in the area. The tourist attraction sites in the area are so close together that you could easily visit multiple spots in one day. The city has something for everyone, including adventure lovers, history buffs, and adrenaline junkies.

While in Adelaide, you can;

Relax in the Botanical Gardens

The Botanic Gardens was opened in 1857 and covers over 50 hectares of land. It contains a formal rose garden and 3 glasshouses with Australian rainforest, Madagascan palms, and Amazonian water lilies. You can enjoy the beautiful garden and also visit the Adelaide Zoo which is nearby. The Zoo is home to some giant pandas.

Enjoy a game or great view on top of Adelaide Oval

The Oval is among the most prestigious sports venues in the country. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy what the Oval has to offer every year. Visitors can watch football or cricket matches. However, if you love virtual games instead, you can play games in online casinos to win cash, stay entertained and rejuvenate your mind during your holiday or vacation. Alternatively, you can attend concerts or major events at the Oval stadium or climb to the top of the building and enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

The art gallery has more than 42,000 art pieces and the art collections include modern paintings, aboriginal pieces, and colonial paintings. It also has a collection of unique furniture. Moreover, the gallery is perfect for visitors of all ages, including kids.

Hike at Cleland Conservation Park

The conservation park has many interesting hiking trails such as Mount Lofty hiking trail. The mountaintop is the highest point in the location and offers great panoramic views of the city and the surrounding areas. Moreover, the bottom of Mt Lofty has 7 breathtaking waterfalls. You can also visit the first national park in South Australia, the Belair National Park.

Visit and explore South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum was opened in 1834 and has been displaying the cultural and natural heritage of South Australia. Moreover, there are displays of dinosaurs, fossils, and other ancient animals that existed a long time ago. Another interesting exhibit is the Egypt collection, featuring two mummies for everyone to see. This museum is perfect for all age groups, including children, who will enjoy the interesting hands-on discovery exhibit.

There are many other interesting things to do in Adelaide such as riding the tram to Glenelg, attending the Fringe Festival, drinking wine at Barossa Valley, and exploring Rundle Mall. If you and your loved ones want to make the most out of your holiday, then you should visit South Australia.


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South Australia: Things to Do in Adelaide

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