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Top 5 Trends in Australia to Watch

The beginning of the new decade was very challenging for many reasons. Technology played a very important role in helping people work from home during the pandemic. We are already looking at what improvements in technology will bring in 2022. Millions of Australians have access to the NBN network and many others now have 5G handsets. More technological areas that will grow in 2022 that Aussies are looking forward to include;

Improved WI-FI in the home

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen how important a strong WIFI is while working from home, doing digital learning, and video streaming for meetings. The next level of WIFI technology will have improved speeds, coverage, and consistency. WIFI 6 has been incorporated in premium devices and will become mainstream. More people will upgrade their WIFI systems at home with the latest available ones.

High-end gaming

The pandemic changed the entire trajectory of online gaming. There was the introduction of next-generation gaming consoles to aid in rich, immersive games. Cloud gaming is a very hot trend at the moment and will grow in the future. More Aussies will have access to high-end gaming experiences in many places. Online gaming will also become so much better with games from being of extremely high quality with great user experience.

5G Wave

Telstra 5G will grow and reach 75% of Aussies before the end of 2021. There is also a new high frequency called the mmWave. The devices will be available in 2021 and will be added to the already launched Telstra 5G WIFI Pro. The 5G mmWave has high capacity, ultra-low latency, and fast speeds.

Head-up Displays

These HUDs are important in that they enable the users to get important data about their tasks or environment without interrupting their activities. High-end AR headsets are heavy. However, technology is slowly enabling them to become smaller, easily wearable, and user-friendly devices such as sunglasses. In the future, HUDs will be incorporated into vehicles, sporting gear, and industrial use. In fact, smart glasses may be brought into the market pretty soon.

Digital social distancing

People are slowly beginning to take vaccines and returning to their offices. Millions of people are moving in and out of train stations, malls, and even offices and it may be impossible for the safe hall monitors to keep track of all those people. There will be a new technology series that will be created to ensure everyone adheres to the safety precautions of social distancing. Cameras and sensors are evolving and the private and public sectors may embrace technology to do contact tracing or monitor social distancing.

There are many interesting trends in Australia to look out for such as high-end gaming, 5G wave, head-up displays, digital social distancing, and improved WIFI in homes. These technological advancements will become mainstream in the near future. There is fast internet connectivity and advanced devices in many areas in Australia. This will boost the growth of services and product innovation.



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Top 5 Trends in Australia to Watch

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